Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Safety... by Ethan

It’s Halloween time and you need to be safe,
so here are some rules to follow.
  1. Always carry a glow stick, flashlight, lantern or any other light source so you don’t bump into anything.
  2.  Never accept or eat candy from strangers.  If the wrapper is open and no one opened it for you then don’t eat it because it could be poisonous.
  3. Trick or treat in a big group or with an adult so you don’t get lost.
  4. If you are wearing a cloak or dress, cut the edges so you won’t trip on a sidewalk and get a bloody nose.
  5. Remember to look both ways when crossing the street to see if a car is coming.

If you follow these 5 rules and maybe some of your own,
you can have a safe and fun Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I can not wait for Halloween


Anonymous said...

I will follow those rules,so I don't get hurt.Have a nice HALLOWEEN!Cian

Anonymous said...

i will fallow these rules to stay safe


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