Monday, March 26, 2012

How quick are you?

Top score so far in our class is 4250!  Can you beat it?

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Monday, March 12, 2012

We made it!

What a BIG day! 

We made it to FIFTY tallies today!  That means it is time to celebrate with a POINTS PARTY!  We tossed around a few interesting ideas in class.  Soon we will hold a class vote to see which option is most popular.  We might even combine a couple of ideas together!

Write a comment below to tell us your fantastic POINTS PARTY IDEA!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Have a Heart!

Jump Rope for Heart
by Ezra R.

Jump Rope for Heart happened Wednesday February 15th.  This is an exciting time of year because we can raise money for people that have heart problems.  In the Jump Rope for Heart there were several fun activities like pull-ups, box jumps, jogging in place, jumping rope for 30 seconds, hula hooping and many more.  There was a certain time that Mr. Scholder said, "Rotate," and the students acted frantically to go to the next station.  Parents and teachers volunteered to help the students and Mr. Scholder do the activities and make the program a success.  Time went so fast that the students were not expecting it to go so briskly.  At the end, Mr. Scholder handed out three stickers and a bookmark to each of us.

Sounds like Jump Rope for Heart was a blast!

How's the Weather?

Dan Skeldon Visits
by Habiba M.
Hi, blog readers!  On Feb. 10th Dan Skeldon, the meteorologist from TV40, was visiting us in the schools library!  He talked about good weather and bad weather.  He showed us a weather map.  He picked two kids to be a tornado and a hurricane.  He also talked about the difference between a hurricane and a tornado.  His favorite kind of weather is snow.  Mrs. Stanton wasn't in school that day.  Dan Skeldon was very funny.  I hope you learned a lot from Dan Skeldon!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Through three cheese trees, three free fleas flew :)

Happy Birthday, Theodor Seuss Geisel!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Study!

Plant Test
By Ethan Neal
This Thursday we have our plant vocabulary test from Mr. Ewell. So you have to be ready and prepared. There are 5 words to memorize for the test. Seed coat, seed leaf, germinate, seedling, and life cycle. So those are the words you have to study for the test. Seed leaf means the outside coating of a leaf. Germinate means to begin to grow up. Life cycle is the cycle of a plant or animal. Seed coat is the outside covering of a seed. A seedling is a young plant that grows from a seed. I hope you all get 100% on the test.
Test Taking Tips
by Anderson T.

If you have a test coming up, here are some tips. You should go to bed early and get a good sleep. You should study with your mom or dad or mom-mom or pop-pop. Pay extra attention in class with your teacher because you might just miss something important. Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test. Study over several nights, not just the night before. I hope these tips will help you on your next test!