Monday, April 23, 2012

What did you do during Spring Break?

By Cian H.
On Tuesday and Wednesday my family went to Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  This is the stuff we did there.  First, we were on our way, but it took two hours to get there.  We went to the hotel.  The hotel was called the Marriott.  It was right next to Camden Yards, home of the Orioles.  After that we walked to Hooters to eat dinner, but on our way we saw a street performer.  He was very good.  When he was juggling with a bowling ball, a torch that was lit, and a knife.  Later we got tom Hooters.  The food was good. 

After that delicious dinner, we went to the baseball game.  The teams that were playing were the Baltimore Orioles versus the N.Y. Yankees.  The score was 5 to 4, and the Yankees won.  Derek Jeter was the first one to bat and hit a homerun. Almost everyone got homeruns in the first inning.  That was the first baseball game I went to, and it was the best.

The next day we had breakfast at McDonald's.  After that, we went to the National Aquarium.  My favorite animal was the seahorse and the shark.  It was cool.  Last we left and when we stopped in Delaware we walked around.  Then we went home.   I hope I get to go back to Baltimore one day!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Springtime Surprise!

Click HERE for a special little bit of Springtime Happiness!