Unit 2 will be taught concurrently with the launch of Rocket Math for Multiplication.   Homework and assignments will occasionally include concepts listed below as well as multiplication practice.

Unit 2-  Time, Data and Measurement

Macmillan Math Connects           

Chapters 10 and 12

9.1  Half Inch
10.1  c, pt, qt, gal
12.1  Pictographs
** Add quarter inch
10.2  Guess & Check
12.2*  Interpret Pictographs
9.2  Foot, yard, mile
10.3    mL, L
12.4  Bar Graphs
9.4*  mm, cm, m, km
10.5*   oz, lb, ton
12.5  Interpret Bar Graphs
Common Assessment
10.6    g, kg
12.6  Line plots
10.8   Time to minute
12. 3  Making a List
 **Add- elapsed time
Common Assessment
Common Assessment
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