Social Studies

 Chapter 2

Communities are Different and Alike

Lesson 1- Different Types of Communities
  • Key vocabulary: population, urban, suburb, rural
  • Identify features of urban communities.
  • Identify features of suburban communities.
  • Identify features of rural communities.
Lesson 2- A Community at Different Times
  • Key vocabulary: history, mission, religion, fort,  transportation
  • Describe different groups who came to Tucson, Arizona.
  • List some ways people made a living in Tucson long ago and today.
Lesson 3- Communities Share Many Things
  • Key Vocabulary- culture, custom, tradition, settler, national holiday
  • Explain that people of many cultures live in communities across the USA.
  • Describe how people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. celebrate two of their cultures.
  • Identify some of the holidays that Americans celebrate together.

Chapter 1

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