Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guest Blogger- Haley R.

My Trip to Hawaii

I went to Hawaii this summer. The island that we went to was Oahu. The first plane ride was about 5 hours and the second ride was about 8 hours. The first day we just looked around the hotel because we were tired. The hotel was very big and pretty. The pool was super big and had a water slide. We went to a little shopping street with really good ice cream. There was a private beach too. Then we went to another island that was Maui. The hotel room was a little bit smaller then the one in Oahu but the Maui hotel had penguins and parrots in the lobby. My dad and I went snorkeling at the beach at this hotel. We saw lots of fish and we saw a turtle. We went to a luau with great dancers and really good food. Another day we went zip lining in the mountains, it was so fun. Before we left to go to the air port we drove up a volcano crater. The volcano crater was very cold. then we sadly had to leave. The ride home wasn't too bad because I slept the whole ride.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Guest Blogger- Haley R!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Guest Blogger- Nathan M.

Persimmon Paradise!

In class we read Dear Juno.  Juno's grandmother was sitting under a persimmon tree in Korea.  We looked up persimmons to see what they look like.  That's when I saw the fruit and thought they look like a tree that I have in my back yard.

The persimmon tree is cool to have in my yard. When the fruit is ripe, it drops down to the grass. This can get pretty messy. My dad and I built a persimmon trap to catch all the falling fruit. It works good!

Our persimmon tree is tall and it is leaning over my fort. It looks weird. Ewwwww.....for the first time I tasted a persimmon, and they taste not so great!

Ms. Stanton cut one of the persimmons in half.  It was really hard to cut open.  The seeds were in a flower shape inside. 

The persimmon tree is the size of double my fort!

Look at all that fruit!

This is the persimmon trap.  The fruit goes down the hole...

They go through the hole into the bucket.

The pattern of the seeds kind of looks like a sunflower.