Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blue Devils Bonfire 2011... by Jaimee

Hi blog reader, it’s Jaimee. I wrote a little article about the bonfire. Check it out.

The bonfire at the Blue Devils field was awesome.  First, all the cheerleaders did their routines, then all the fun started. We got our parents and went to get our hats, gloves and scarves. The lights on the field turned off. It was really dark. A lot of kids had glow sticks.

We walked over to the fire zone. The firemen were throwing gas and sparklers into the fire. Soon it was lit, it was hot very hot. It was way too hot, so we all had to back up. A lot of my classmates were there. There was Kiera, Trinity, Christian, Cian, and myself from our classroom. A lot of kids from other classes were with us too.

We stated playing tag. When we got done playing tag we went to see the fire truck. We all split up. Me and Kiera went to the older cheerleaders. They were doing stunts they put us in preps, fulls, and basket tosses. It was fun. They also put the football players up in stunts too. They fell a lot. It was funny to watch. It was so much fun! Soon we all had to go. That’s how the 2011 Blue Devils bonfire went.

Click HERE to visit the Absecon Blue Devils website!

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Anonymous said...

I also loved it too. I had lots of fun. last year they had fire works but this year they did not i hope every one had lots of fun who went


Anonymous said...

I am going to football next year.I hope you see me next year.Eddie

Anonymous said...

Good Job Jaimee! Love Mom, Bobby, and Dad!!

Anonymous said...

nice story and nice pictures!


Anonymous said...

wow! that is a great picture everyone looks happy! i cant wait till next year when i will be thair! blue devils rock

grace k.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow jaimme your a really good writer and i loved ur picture! i hope i can go next year and since its already 2013 and hurricane sandy i mean 2014

haram (p.s) Your a better writer in the whole 4th grade

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