Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guest Blogger- Luke

The Squishing of the Giant Bug
A couple of days ago I saw an unbelievable thing: a 2 inch house centipede in the morning at school!   Surprisingly everyone was calm except…Ms. Stanton!  She freaked out! I got up and squished it. Its head popped when I stepped on it and everyone was quiet.  It looked like it had two heads because its head was popped in half.

  1. People in Japan have pet house centipedes.
  2. Their fangs usually can’t puncture our skin, but a bite from a house centipede feels like a bee sting.
  3. House centipedes have 15 pairs of legs.
  4. They groom their legs one at a time like a kitten would.
  5. They eat other bugs like spiders, ants and cockroaches.
 House centipedes are creepy.  You better hope they don’t end up in your bed!
House Centipede- BEFORE
House Centipede- AFTER