Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Birthday... by Trinity

Thursday October 20th was my 9th birthday and I was so happy! My mom made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for my class and me.  They tasted so good we all almost screamed.  Everyone in class made me birthday cards that were really nice.  After school and cheerleading practice we went to my Nanie’s for pizza and for ice cream cake (that’s my mom and my favorite kind of birthday cake). I got a lot of cool things for my birthday like money, clothes and a real lava lamp!


Mrs. Stanton said...

Happy Birthday, Trinity! We are glad you liked your birthday book :) Thanks for the yummy cupcakes!

Jaimee's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Trinity!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Stanton,
Hey Mrs Stanton it is me Jenna Reilly from last year.I hope your having fun this year and i missed happy brithday to Trinity.

Last year student,
Jenna Reilly

Anonymous said...

happy birthday trin


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