Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guest Blogger- Victor R.

 My Long Trip To Clementon

It was a sunny Friday afternoon.  First time going to my big sister's new apartment.   I was very happy to go see her.   My family and I had lunch before we left.  It was supposed to be a one hour trip but it turned out to be the longest trip ever.  

We got in my grandfather's car around 2:41 in the afternoon.  Then we stopped for gas at Sam's Club.  There was a long line of cars,  we had to wait our turn.   I thought we were never going to get there!  Finally we got the gas and left.  The traffic was going slow so  I started to write on my ipad to keep track of the trip.  Then I looked out the window and I saw cumunolimbus clouds the clouds that bring rain.   I thought it was going to rain  but I was happy it didn't.  I checked the clock on my ipad.  It has been 39 minutes but we were still far from my big sister's house.  Are we ever going to get there?  It is now 3:39 in the afternoon.  We got lost on the way because the GPS took us to the wrong address.  I was so tired of sitting in the car and I was getting hungry.  My dad called my big sister and she told him where to go.  We finally got to my big sister's house at 4 in the afternoon.  I hugged my sister and I said thank you for saving us!

Look at that smile!
Beautiful neighborhood :)


Sandra Stanton said...

What a wonderful blog post all about family :) Your essay made me smile! I also enjoyed seeing a big smile on your face in the photo, Victor! Thank you for being a guest blogger... great job!!!

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