Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Guest Blogger- Brooklynn W.


One day I had a cheer competition! The first thing my team did was we took pictures while we waited and waited in the hallway. We waited so long we got to play bubble-gum-bubble-gum in a dish. Then finally it was our turn. We all lined up in the entranceway and we could hear the crowd from Absecon screaming. I couldn’t wait to show my coach my backhand spring! When the performance began, I did my backhand spring! I was so excited. Then we had to wait the whole entire day for the results. FINALLY IT CAME AND THE WINNER WAS THE BLUE DEVILS!

Go, Blue Devils!


Ms. Stanton said...

Awesome blog post, Brook! Thank you for working so hard on it :) Congrats to the Blue Devils Cheerleaders!

Lisa Campagnolo said...

Great job, Brook!

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