Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our First Science Test

We are learning how to study for a big test in third grade!  So far we have done many things to prepare, including taking notes, learning key terms, taking quizzes and making flashcards.  We also have a cool Solar System Slideshow which can help us review all the concepts in this unit.   Our test will be on Wednesday October 16th.

The concepts include:
  • Movement of the earth and moon
  • Earth's tilt/Seasonal changes in our hemisphere
  • Phases of the moon
  • The sun and planets
  • Poor Pluto
  • Dr. Sally Ride
Here are some of us studying with our new flashcards!
Gavin and Taya

Kiana and Joey

Quadir and John

Stanley and Solange


Anonymous said...

I think that was ONE of my favorite science class.

Anonymous said...

"I think that is ONE of my favorite science class" was from Eva

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