Monday, January 14, 2013

My Trip to Orlando by Dev

My Trip to Orlando Florida

Last July we went to Orlando Florida with my cousins and my dad’s friend dropped us of at the airport. When we sat on the plane I asked my dad hoe long was the plane ride he said about 2 hours.  Then I went to sleep with my cousin and we were there already. Then we rented a car and went to get a hotel and rented a room for us. Then we went to Sea World and some stores. Then we saw a lots of sea animal shows. Then we went home and would go to sleep early because we would go so early in the morning to the rides and shows. Then we went to universal studios but there were not any rides but I thought I could go in the Harry Potter ride but I could not only my cousins and my dad and sister but my mom stayed with me and we went to Jurassic park to a fun ride. That was my trip to Orlando Florida.                                                   


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