Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guest blogger- Farewell from Mr. Strobel

My semester is coming to an end at Stockton College and it is almost time for graduation! My last day of student teaching at the Marsh School will be Wednesday, April 16th. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who contributed to making this experience so enjoyable for me including the students, parents, and the staff here at the Marsh School. 
During my time spent here I have gotten the opportunity to meet many of the parents, all of which should be proud. Throughout my substituting and other educational fieldwork experiences, this is hands-down the best group of students I have ever come across. From the very beginning, the students have done an excellent job of making me feel welcomed in the classroom and making me a true part of their "Stanton Family." I am going to sincerely miss every single one of you. These students have taught me so much and I  will take what I've learned with me as I more forward in my career.  I hope that when I have a classroom of my own, that my students are as half as personable and enjoyable as the one's I have met this year. I wish you all luck. Have a safe and wonderful spring break.

Your friend, 
Mr. Strobel


Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot for being my friend from Jaraah

Anonymous said...

You are really special for being my friend

Anonymous said...

Good Times!! We Will Miss You Mr. Strobel!~Gianna

Anonymous said...

We all miss him. For some reason we found his name on the wall of people who donated for Alex's Lemonade Stand in FOURTH GRADE. What is going on there!?!? And also I have something completely random to say, I, and some other people, saw a squirrel in the main entrance way! random huh. I'm so weird!

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