Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday :)

Our first two days were very exciting!  We worked hard on an interview project and learned lots of hints and tips for writers.  We took our first Rocket Math test using Addition Level H.  About half the class passed with ease.  The other students will try Level H again, as many times as they need to, before moving on to Level I and beyond.

What can you do to help at home?  Brush off those old addition flashcards from 2nd grade.  Don't student the whole pile, though!  You should focus on (+0), (+1), (+2) and the doubles (2+2, 3+3, 4+4, etc.)  We will take our Rocket Math speed tests every day except for Mondays.

You can find Rocket Math tests right here on our blog... in the right sidebar.  Print up the test you need and practice at home.  Use a one-minute timer.  Your child's goal remains the same as in school.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I hope people in your class finishes rocket math!


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