Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mr. Giardina teaches a lesson!

Ordinary dish soap and some other secret ingredients
Hi, blog readers!  Ethan and Cian worked together on this first guest blogger entry of the year!

Big blog news! Mr. Giardina came to visit our class. First, he used Danielle for the sun and Mikey for the moon. He showed how the earth has a revolution around the sun. He also showed the moon revolves around Earth.

Mr. Giardina's first experiment was a model of the chemical changes in the sun.  He used dish soap and other secret ingredients.  It was like a green explosion!  Chemical changes make energy which we could feel as HEAT in the aluminum tray.

Mr. Giardina's second experiment showed that oil and water never mix.  The swirls we saw as the two were moved around were like the storms we see on Jupiter!  We hope that Mr. Giardina can come back to our room for another lesson very soon!

Chemical change creates energy

Can you feel the heat?
Cian wrote a thank you letter to Mr. G!  Click to make it BIGGER!


Anonymous said...

That was a really nice letter, Cian! Looks like you all enjoyed your Mr. G. visit.

The Cialini class

Anonymous said...

How cool that Mr. Giardina came into your class to do an experiment. Looks like you had a great time and learned a lot. I enjoyed reading the blog entry by Ethan and Cian!

From, Ethan's Mom:)

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