Monday, September 19, 2011

Go, Phillies!!!

Mrs. Stanton fulfilled a long-time dream by attending a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park recently.  Anyone who knows her, knows she is a huge fan of the Phillies.  She watches games on TV frequently and discusses results with her students.  But until last Thursday, she had not seen a game in person since childhood.  It was her goal to one day eat a hotdog at a Phils game... with mustard... and ONIONS from that amazing onion machine.   Well, readers, here is the proof...
See all the onions?  They have a machine for them!

Mrs. Stanton attended the game with her two daughters who are also Absecon students.  Loryn is in 6th grade, and Hanna is in 2nd grade.  They all had a great time watching the Phils face the St. Louis Cardinals.  The game went to extra innings as the Phils fought mightily to break the tie.  In the end, the Cardinals won, but the game was so exciting to watch.  It is an experience Mrs. Stanton and her girls will never forget!  Click here to out the Phillies Kids Fan Club!

Mrs. Stanton, Hanna and Loryn are all smiles!


Anonymous said...

hey its Hanna and Loryn and Mrs Stanton at the phillies game i wish i could go on a phillies game once in my life
Jenna Reilly

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