Monday, May 2, 2011

WANTED: Guest Bloggers

Do you love to write? Do you have something important to say or share with our readers? If so, then this is the job for you! Mrs. Stanton is now accepting ideas for guest blog entries to be written by students just like YOU! Here are just a few ideas for future guest blog entries:
  • tell about an assembly in school
  • write a book review
  • be a sports reporter for a local game
  • tell about a national game (go, Phils!)
  • share a creative writing piece
  • describe a recent vacation
  • write a few jokes
  • interview a Marsh staff member
  • give advice to next year's 3rd graders
If you are interested in being a guest blogger, comment below. Be sure to include your name and a short description of your blogging idea. Mrs. Stanton will contact you soon with more information. Happy Blogging!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Stanton
I will pickto be a Sports Reporter for a local game like what happen in the soccer game I had.


Anonymous said...

it is anthony and joe we have a question WHERE IS THE HOMEWORK PASS! we know this is not about writing but we wanted to know

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Stanton
My parents will help me with a 9.11 report.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Stanton
I saw the CSI zombie video and i thought it was extremely humorous thanks for posting it.

From David

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