Tuesday, June 5, 2012

UPDATED---> Launch of the TITANIC!

... the Titanic unit, that is! This is Mrs. Stanton's favorite time of year. Kids are always fascinated as they read and learn about this amazing but tragic event in history. We have already learned so much by reading in class and watching some documentaries. Here are some links for you to do some more investigating.

Remember that your Titanic Poster Project is coming up (due by June 8th.)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until my project is done and I love all the links that I saw. Cian

Anonymous said...

this is so cool especially the vidieo of the TITANIC i think that this is the best link you ever put on the blog? because its informational,and i hope that this is my key to get my report DONE! AND think that the photo gallary was pretty cool to! SO many pictures of the TITANIC, passengers and other. Again i luv this post! haram :D

Anonymous said...

So cool.I did my project. JAIMEE

Anonymous said...

AH, its been 180 days of school today was our last day i miss 3rd grade already and u Ms.Stanton! Y-YYYYYYYYYYYY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

u are the best at teaching about the titanic thanks to u i know more than my parnets about the titanic!!!!!!!!

- grace kaplan:)

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